トヨタ・モビリティ基金、「もっといいモビリティ社会」をつくるアイデアコンテスト、「Make a Move PROJECT」の第2弾の募集を開始

一般財団法人トヨタ・モビリティ基金(Toyota Mobility Foundation 以下「TMF」)は、「もっといいモビリティ社会」の実現に向け、様々な想いやノウハウを持った人々とともに、アイデアやソリューションの社会実装を目指すアイデアコンテスト「Make a Move PROJECT」を6月にスタートし、7月19日より第二弾として二つのテーマでの募集を開始します。

テーマの一つは「Fun & Safety ~安全かつ最高に楽しい体験を」とし、モータースポーツのノウハウなどを活用した交通安全、地域活性化に向けたアイデアやソリューションを7月19日~8月1日まで募集します。アイデア検討から事業実行まで取組む場所はエビスサーキット(福島県二本松市)を予定しています。同サーキットには幅広いドライバーの運転技術向上のために工夫を凝らした多くのコースが整備されています。また、福島県は「エクストリームスポーツの聖地」と呼ばれており、飛行機でスピードを競うエアレース施設など近隣の特徴ある観光資源と連携した取組みを行える体制も準備しております。これら施設の活用により全く新しいアイデアが創発される事を狙っています。

応募締め切り後、書類選考を通過したアイデアやソリューションが地域に定着することを目指し、8 月24日~25日にエビスサーキットにおいて、事業化加速の経験が豊富なメンターとともにアイデア・ブラッシュアップを行う会合に参加いただきます。そのプロセスを経て、10月頃に実施する最終選考で上位に評価されたチームには最大5,000万円(最大総額2億円)の事業実行資金を授与します。

もう一つのテーマは「Good Life on Earth ~すべての生命が共存できる地球のために」として、気候変動など危機的な状況を迎えている地球を救う取組みに、自らが夢中になっていることを通じてチャレンジする高校生・大学生を7月19日~8月18日まで募集します。
本プログラムは、TMF、東京大学大学院農学生命科学研究科・農学部「One Earth Guardians育成プログラム」、及び、一般社団法人HLABとの共催であり、選考を通過した応募者の方には、最先端の研究者からのアドバイス、同じ志を持つ同世代間の交流の機会、さらには、社会実装に必要となる資金を助成します。また、本プログラムの運営にあたり、東京大学のリサーチ・アドミニストレータ(以下「URA」)が応募者と大学と社会を繋ぐ役割を担い、今年度は応募者のアイデアをブラッシュアップし、2023年度は研究開発・プロトタイピングの推進を支援します。本プログラムを通じて、将来を担う世代が地球規模の課題解決に創造的に挑戦し続けるコミュニティの形成につながることを期待するとともに、産学連携を推進するURAの活躍の機会の拡大に寄与したいと考えています。

【Fun&Safety ~安全かつ最高に楽しい体験を。】


Good Life on Earth ~すべての生命が共存できる地球のために】




問い合わせ先)一般財団法人 トヨタ・モビリティ基金
TEL: 080-9870-5533 (福田)
(受付時間:8:45~17:45 土・日祝日除く)
E-mail : info@toyota-mf.org

The Toyota Mobility Foundation Accepts Applications for the Make a Move Project, a Contest of Ideas to Build an Ever-Better Mobility Society

Tokyo, Japan (19 July 2022) — The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has launched the Make a Move Project, an idea contest aimed at both drawing on the vision and know-how of various people to realize an ever-better mobility society, and establishing social implementations of their ideas and solutions. The contest opens to applications today.

Under the theme of Fun & Safety—Safely Experience Peak Excitement, ideas and solutions that draw on the know-how of motor sports to achieve traffic safety and regional revitalization will be accepted from July 19 to August 1. The Ebisu Circuit (Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture) is planned as the venue for the idea assessment to project implementation phases. That circuit features many courses carefully designed to enhance the driving skills of a broad range of drivers. At the same time, Fukushima is known as the Mecca of extreme sports, and offers opportunities to pursue initiatives linked to distinctive local tourist attractions such as an air racing facility for aircraft speed competitions. We are aiming for entire novel ideas that make use of such facilities.

After the submission deadline, applications and solutions that pass document screening will be invited to Ebisu Circuit on August 24 and 25 to participate in idea refinement meetings intended to root ideas and solutions in local communities. The meetings will take place with mentors who have extensive experience in achieving rapid commercialization. Following that process, the top teams in the final selection that will take place sometime around October will receive a project grant of up to 50 million yen (up to a maximum total grant amount of 200 million yen).

From July 19 to August 18, we will also accept submissions initiatives aimed at saving the Earth from the crisis brought about by factors such as climate change from high school and university students who are passionate about tackling that challenge under the theme of Good Life on Earth—Coexistence for All Life on Our Planet.
This program is co-sponsored by TMF, the One Earth Guardians Educational Program of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and HLAB. Selected applicants will receive advice from leading researchers, have opportunities to network with other people of their generation who share the same ambition, and also receive the grants necessary for the social implementation of their ideas and solutions. In the context of running this program, a University of Tokyo research administrators (URAs) will act as a liaison between applicants, the university, and communities. The URAs will help applicants refine their ideas during the present fiscal years and provide assistance with R&D as well as prototyping over the course of fiscal 2023. We hope that this program will lead to the birth of a community consisting of young leaders of tomorrow who continuously pursue creative solutions to global issues. We also expect the program to help broaden opportunities for the URAs promoting industry–academia cooperation to shine.

Application theme A
Fun & Safety—Safely Experience Peak Excitement


July 19 to August 1 (until 23:59), 2022
Your stage: racing venues. Unlimited potential.
The pursuit of fun is also the pursuit of safety.
Maximum grant of 50 million yen for each selected team (total sum of 200 million yen).
People or groups (either for- or non-profit) in or outside Japan that agree with the concepts of the contest and can pursue its activities together.

Application theme B
Good Life on Earth—Coexistence for All Life on Our Planet


July 19 to August 18 (until 23:59), 2022
Letting ideas to rescue the Earth flow from your passion.
High school, technical college, and first or second year university students, or people in that age bracket, from anywhere in Japan who believe in the concept of the contest and want to take on its challenge.

Application for both themes
Please contact info@toyota-mf.org for application procedure

Since its founding, Toyota Motor Corporation has respected all of its stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, and the local communities as it carried out business activities aimed at building an affluent society through automaking. This led to founding the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) in August 2014 to carry out even more public interest-oriented activities.
TMF dedicates itself to finding solutions to worldwide mobility issues through a broad variety of projects aimed at realizing a mobility society that offers freedom of movement to all people. It will continue to capitalize on the skills and know-how built up through Toyota Group business activities and collaborate with a wide range of partners to pursue activities aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations and contribute to the realization of a society that offers everyone a fulfilling life.

Inquiries: Toyota Mobility Foundation
Email: info@toyota-mf.org