First Round Teams in Toyota Mobility Foundation's Mobility for ALL Idea Contest Run Verification Testing at Okayama International Circuit October 15-16

Aiming to realize an “even-better mobility society,” the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has been implementing the Make a Move PROJECT since June of this year. A contest, the project, which consists of three categories*, aims to implement ideas and solutions in society together with people who have a range of experience and know-how. With a focus on motorsports, in the “Mobility for ALL ~ Bring the Possibility of Mobility to Everyone” category, ideas for allowing anyone, regardless of the existence of a disability, etc., to enjoy watching motorsports were collected On this occasion, the 17 teams who made it through the initial screening round will conduct trials to demonstrate the practical societal application of their ideas at locations in Okayama Prefecture, such as the Okayama International Circuit, the venue for the Super Taikyu races to be held from October 15 to 16.

* The other themes are “Fun & Safety ― A Safe and Wonderfully Enjoyable Experience” and
“Good Life on Earth ― Coexistence for All Life on Our Planet”

Contest website:

Contest website:

The “Mobility for ALL ~ Bring the Possibility of Mobility to Everyone” category for this contest opened for entry submissions in June of this year. And, to generate ideas that solve mobility issues within race circuit venues and moving to and from circuit venues so that everyone, regardless of disability, can enjoy motorsports, we also released a video in June ( of people with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities sharing their thoughts and feelings about the circuit venue. We received more than 100 applications from Japan and abroad all over the world for this category, and 17 teams were selected based on the perspectives of the parties involved, the innovative nature of the proposals, and the opinions of outside experts and others. In August, the teams were awarded funding of up to 15 million yen to support their work in preparing for the demonstration trials. The 17 teams will work toward the social implementation of their ideas and conduct demonstration trials at various locations, including the Okayama International Circuit and Okayama Toyota PLATPORT, on October 15-16, 2022.

1.Okayama International Circuit (Mimasaka, Okayama): Demonstration at the event venue & stand seating

Selected Team Idea for testing
Ashirase, Inc. Ashirase, a navigation system attached to the shoes of visually impaired people that guides them with vibrations
Archinet, Inc. Barrier-free restrooms converted from off-grid trailer houses with incinerating toilets and water reuse systems
ePARA Inc. Activities for people with disabilities to form a community through e-sports and share and support each other in the challenge of becoming a racer
Evixar Inc. Hikaru (Glowing) T-Shirts, which visualize sound by synchronizing light and sound through acoustic communication technology
Autocare LLC. Devices using the metaverse to locate unforeseen barriers at the venue prior to the visit
Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Motorsports broadcasts with sign language interpretation for barrier-free information
CONE-XI Co., LTD. and
Social Action Systems, ISH
Free transportation service to Okayama International Circuit for people with disabilities using a transportation support system put in place for visiting nurses coming to help with the local nurse shortage
Computer Science Institute Co., Ltd. Eye Navi, an app that offers walking assistance for the visually impaired
Dentsu, Inc. Real-time, play-by-play race audio generated by AI from driving data and relayed video, allowing visually impaired people to enjoy the race aurally
Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. Device that converts engine sound into vibration and light for the hearing impaired and others
Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. Device that converts engine sound into vibration and light for the hearing impaired and others
Field of Vision Technologies Ltd (Ireland) Immersive spectator experience equipment that allows visually impaired people to experience the race through their sense of touch
Music: Not Impossible Inc. (U.S.) Devices that allow everyone, regardless of hearing ability, to share the sound and excitement of motorsports
LOOVIC LOOVIC, a device that enables people with visuospatial impairments to move around using their five senses

2.Testing at Okayama Toyota PLATPORT(Tsuyama, Okayama)

Xian, Inc. Remote race viewing using true-to-life VR and drones
Techno Tools Corporation Input devices allowing people with physical disabilities to enjoy racing simulators

3.Testing at Fukuoka Children's Hospital

Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. Children undergoing long-term medical treatment can remotely watch the race using a remote factory tour system

On the day of the event, people with disabilities participated to verify effectiveness and their enjoyment. Assistance with various operations came from the Okayama NPO Center, local students, and others.

After this round of verification testing, the final selection committee is scheduled to meet in November, where they will select projects based on social impact, sustainability, and other factors. The selected projects will receive further support funds (approx. 100 million yen in total) to work toward social implementation.

Since its founding, the Toyota Motor Corporation has conducted its business activities with the aim of creating a prosperous society through automobiles while respecting all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, and the local communities in which it operates. Accordingly, Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) was established in August 2014 to conduct activities that benefit the public good.
Aiming to realize a mobility society where everyone can move about freely, TMF is working to solve mobility issues worldwide through a diverse range of projects. Going forward, the Toyota Group, working in cooperation with various partners and utilizing the technologies and knowhow it has cultivated through its business activities, will continue to promote undertakings that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while contributing to the realization of a society where people can lead rich and fulfilling lives.

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