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Key Focus Areas

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Based on its mission, Toyota Mobility Foundation is working to solve various mobility issues around the world, such as traffic congestion and safety, maintaining local transportation options, assisting basic hydrogen research, supporting those with mobility difficulties, farming village assistance in Africa, and pursuing initiatives that bring fun and joy to mobility.

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    trafficSafety icon Traffic Safety

    Aiming for zero casualties from traffic accidents, we are working on traffic safety from two angles: educational activities focused on child safety and safe driving for older adults, and efforts to prevent accidents using technology and data.

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    trafficJam icon Measures to mitigate traffic congestion

    An increase in mobility needs accompanies economic growth and urbanization in emerging countries in the ASEAN region, aggravating traffic congestion and air pollution. To resolve these issues, we are implementing various initiatives that utilize vehicle movement data from traffic management, infrastructure development, and urban planning perspectives.

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    supportPerson icon Support for people with mobility challenges

    To realize our goal of "Mobility for All," we aim to create a world where people everywhere can enjoy safe, secure freedom of movement regardless of disability.

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    energy icon Hydrogen/Energy

    To realize a decarbonized society, we provide grants to universities and research institutions for basic research on CO2-free hydrogen to help it become more widespread and conduct joint research with grant recipients.

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    supportArea icon Mobility support for local communities

    To solve the various mobility issues that differ between countries and regions, we support efforts to secure mobility in areas in Japan where depopulation and aging are progressing, and effectively utilize public transportation in areas with growing populations, and also help to secure mobility in rural areas of Africa.

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    publicOffering icon Contests/Open calls

    We hold contests and open calls to support people who have new ideas and technologies aimed at solving mobility issues in society. We hope to realize a "ever-better mobility society" by supporting innovative ideas and technology.

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